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“To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us.”

We serve to further empower the disadvantaged.

Heart to Heart Experiences is passionate about helping local and overseas communities see the Face of Christ. We seek to put names and faces to the poor by touching the pain, comforting the weeping, and satisfying the hungry.

In solidarity with Pope Francis, Heart to Heart Experiences seeks to transform hearts, because the poor are our priority.

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“The key to ending extreme poverty and hunger is to recognize that behind every statistic, there is the face of a person who is suffering. Poverty has a face! It has the face of a child; it has the face of a family; it has the face of people, young and old. It has the face of widespread unemployment and lack of opportunity.”

– Pope Francis

Our decision to change hearts and lives.

Promise to never say good-bye.

On August 12, 2015, in a little café in Madison, Wisconsin, a group of four got together to combine their gifts and talents to create a ministry rooted in the service of Christ called Heart to Heart Experiences, Inc.

Melanie Ahern, Todd Argall, Lee Haase, and Mark Landgraf decided short term mission trips were not enough. The people they met on service trips over a span of 6 years desired long term relationships filled with support, care, and love. They saw how the trips in which they participated impacted not only the lives of those being served, but also the hearts of the high school students, college students, and parents providing the service.

Every trip had stories filled with names and faces. Every trip had stories of laughter and tears. Every trip had hungry eyes and sad hearts. Every trip had stories of promises to return and never say good-bye.

Stories are something that transcend culture, race, age, beliefs, and time. Heart to Heart Experiences was formed to act mercifully on behalf of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church by faithfully living out the call of the Gospel. We strive to share our time and hearts with the poor and vulnerable. We promise to bring hope to people in complicated situations and to share their stories with others.

Where will you take your story? Where will you encounter the stories of others?

Live outside the lines and begin your story with Heart to Heart Experiences

The H2H Team

Melanie Ahern

Todd Argall

Lee Haase

Mark J. Landgraf

Adam Argall
Board Member

Joe Haase
Board Member

Dawn Hearn
Board Member

Rachel Landgraf
Board Member

Julie Maiers
Board Member

Eric Miller
Board Member

Tim O’Shea
Board Member

Joe Rausch
Board Member

Edward Fink
Honorary Board Member

Senior Financial Advisor, Integrity Wealth Advisors – Retired
Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton
Orphan Train Project, Chair
Madison, WI

David G. Herro, FSA
Honorary Board Member

Partner, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer-International Equity, Harris Associates
Chicago, IL

Michael C. Koval
Honorary Board Member

Chief of Police, Madison Police Department
Madison, WI

Fr. Andrew McAlpin, O.P.
Honorary Board Member

Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish
Madison, WI

Maha McDiarmid
Honorary Board Member

Training Coordinator, Mooseheart School
Mooseheart, IL

Susan Richards, R.N.
Honorary Board Member

Nurse Consultant, Covenant Lutheran Church
Nursing Clinical Preceptor, UW-Madison Community and Public Health
Oregon, WI

Fr. Matthew Strabala, O.P.
Honorary Board Member

Fenwick High School, Adjunct Professor of Theology
Oak Park, IL

Carol & Jerry Kelly
Honorary Board Members

PGA Golf Tour
Madison, WI

Mitchell Kealy