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2018 Goal:

To continue to touch those afflicted by poverty in Sumpango, Guatemala.

Construction: A Solid Foundation

Why build homes? We believe that if we build one home at a time, neighborhoods improve and completely transform. Through this transformation, families achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life.

Nourish a Child’s Heart and Mind

Why support children? Thousands of children in Central America live in extreme poverty. Some children have lost one or both parents to AIDS-related illnesses. Some children work to support their families. We believe children in these situations can reach their potential if they are given shelter, clothing, food, education, and medical support. Every child deserves a future.

We welcome all to participate in Heart to Heart Experiences, Inc.

H2H Fundraiser

Come to a House

Time: 6:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

Join us for a wonderful night of food, friendship, and fun while we raise funds to support our January 2018 service trip to build 4 homes in Sumpango, Guatemala.

The houses will be built the week of January 6-13, 2018, in addition to outreach to children in the local community.

Learn more. Download the Fundraiser PDF.

JAN 2018
H2H Experience

Sumpango, Guatemala

A Typical Service Trip Includes:

• Building 4 single room homes to replace the cramped tin sheet shanties our family members currently live in

• Vacation bible school

• Medical outreach to the community

• Education & after school programs

• Outreach to HIV+ children at Hogar Madre Anna Vitello Orphanage and the children in the Sumpango community

H2H participants are not required to have any prior building experience. You will learn on-site. With an open heart and positive attitude, you will be amazed at what our team can learn from the people we serve and each other!

Learn more. Download the Experience PDF.

Dates: January 6-13, 2018

Location: Central America – Sumpango, Guatemala

Participants: College Students & Adults

Each trip includes transportation to/from Chicago-O’Hare airport, airfare, travel insurance, room, board, and supplies while on location in Central America.

Not included in the cost are baggage fees, immunizations, and spending money for a day trip to Antigua.

A $500 deposit is due at time of sign-up. All trip fees are non-refundable.

Space on each service trip is limited. Contact H2H to check availability and to learn more about the trip.


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Fundraiser Flier


Fundraiser Presentation


Thank You Reception

Share your heart by helping to sponsor a home for our 4 families in Sumpango, Guatemala.

Your donation will help us purchase concrete blocks and other materials needed to build a one room house that is 12’ X 16’ – includes one door and one window.

Give the gift of a home by making a donation today!

Sumpango Family #1

Father: Juan Carlos, Age 35
Mother: Silvia Veronica, Age 32
Daughter: Alison Dayana, Age 8
Son: Estiven, Age 13

Juan Carlos works hard to provide for his family. He sells purified water and propane. He transports all of the items he sells on his motor scooter.

Sumpango Family #3

Father: Hector Choreque, deceased
Mother: Nancy Paoloa, Age 24
Daughter: Ashley Dayana, Age 5
Sons: Angel David, Age 8, and Keneth Uriel, Age 7 months
Grandmother: Nancy’s mother

Hector Choreque was killed while looking for work in a neighboring town. Nancy works part-time in a local gift shop. She makes $20 a week to support all the needs of her family.

Sumpango Family #2

Father: Calixto Colchaj, Age 43
Mother: Natalie Felipe, Age 38
Daughter: Brenda, Age 17
Sons: Alvaro Vladmir, Age 19, and Alan, Age 14
Grandmother: Natalie’s mother

The Colchaj Felipe family has been renting a house above a garage in downtown Sumpango for as long as they can remember. The family shares 2 beds in the cramped one room rental. Every family member works in the fields of Sumpango, except for Alvaro. Alvaro works in Guatemala City selling avocados. His bus leaves at 1:30 a.m. and returns at 6:30 p.m. to the front door of his home.

Sumpango Family #4

Step-Father: Mateo Flores, Age 49
Mother: Hermelinda Sula, Age 43
Daughter: Ana Gil Sula, Age 23
Son: Marco Antonio Gil Sula, Age 20
Grandmother: Nancy’s mother

Ana is a single mother with 2 children – Anderson, age 3 and Britnay, age 5 months. Hermelinda and Mateo sleep on woven corn husk mats on the uneven dirt kitchen floor because they do not have a bedroom. Hermelinda sells fruits and vegetables to the neighbors from the front of their property in hopes of being able to support her daughter and grandchildren.

The names and the faces may change, but the need for love, food, education, medicine, and housing remain the same in Central America.