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One Goal:

To touch and change the lives of those in need.

Build for a better tomorrow

The families H2H supported during our 2017 Service Trip were living in tin sheet shanties or in cramped quarters with other family members. Through your love and donations we built houses for these families.

Touch the lives of children

We are committed to the children of Sumpango. Our outreach included the HIV+ Children at Hogar Madre Anna Vitello Orphanage as well as the children in the larger Sumpango community.

Events and Experiences:

Fundraiser: July 30, 2016

Service Trip: January 7-15, 2017

Location: Sumpango, Guatemala

Participants: College Students & Adults

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Thank You Reception

Three families.

Three new homes.

Six sets of handmade bunk beds.

Most families in Sumpango live:

  • In an 8’ x 12’ single room made with corrugated metal walls
  • On a floor that is compacted dirt
  • With an overhead ceiling/roof that is recycled corrugated metal
  • Supported with three or four wood posts

H2H built three homes for families in the community.

  •  12’ x 16’ home with a poured concrete floor, concrete block walls, and a door and window
  • New corrugated metal roofs are supported by 3-4 wood beams
Sumpango Family #1

Father: Deceased.

Mother: Sylvia.  She works at a vegetable packing plant from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 7 days a week to support her parents and two sons.

Sylvia shares a space with her 2 sons in her father’s house. The family currently lives in a one room house separated by a bed sheet. The new house is for the two boys. The space will allow privacy between the adults and children.

Sumpango Family #3

Father: Edwin Geovanni Chile Jil is 22 years old. He works as a farmer with his father in law.

Mother: Cindy Alejandría Laroj is 23 years old. She weaves traditional fabric belts by hand to sell to friends and neighbors.

Children: Axel Geovanni is 2 years, 7 months old. Jeferson Jose is 3 months old.

Edwin, Cindy and the children are currently living with Cindy’s parents. Cindy’s dad gave them a piece of land so that they can build this house.

Sumpango Family #2

Father: David Stacul Sequen is a mason. He has had a hard time finding work. He is also having problems with his eye-sight.

Mother: Rosalicia Anona is a stay-at- home mother. Her doctor struggles to keep
her blood pressure under control.

Daughter: Silvia Yolanda is a secretary by trade, but she does not have a job. She would like to go to the university to become a psychologist. She was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. Silvia’s illness is not being treated because she does not have money to pay for treatment.

David and Rosalicia have been married for 26 years. The family has placed their trust in the Lord that He can perform a miracle.

Bunk Beds for the Community

H2H built six sets of handmade bunk beds for families in the community during the 2017 trip.

Touching the Lives of Children and Families

Heart to Heart Experiences has made a commitment to touch the lives of children and families at Hogar Madre Anna Vitiello Orphanage and Busca A Dios Church in Sumpango, Guatemala.

Hogar Madre Anna Vitiello Orphanage was started in 2005 by Catholic nuns to address the care of children infected with HIV/AIDS. While HIV/AIDS is not accepted in the community, the nuns have created an environment of love and support for 50 children ranging in ages from newborns to 12 years old. Every child is provided food, clothing, medical treatment, and education so that their dreams of becoming the next doctor, lawyer, engineer, or teacher becomes a reality.

Busca A Dios Church was started in 2011 by Pastor Manuel and his wife Dorita in response of the Gospel to serve the poor. The church seeks to build community and empower the poor by providing after-school programs, vacation bible school, and the construction of single room homes for families in need. Local children and families can walk up to 20 miles to receive help and support from the Busca A Dios Church.

The names and the faces may change, but the need for love, food, education, medicine, and housing remain the same in Sumpango.