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Creating real change in poverty stricken Central American communities.

It’s estimated that 53% of the population in Central America live in poverty with 25% in extreme conditions. Undernourishment registers at an estimated 80% with an extremely high unemployment rate as a contributing factor. Many Central Americans survive on less than $2.50 a day.

Heart to Heart Experiences provides relief to communities through home construction projects and community outreach. With a focus on families and children in Central America, our 2020 plans include erecting homes, medical outreach, vacation bible school, community development, and educating children and their parents.

With an open heart and positive attitude, we strive to build lasting relationships with extremely worthy individuals and families that we serve in Central American communities.

Supporting change in a person’s life takes only a moment.
The results last a lifetime.

Amazing things happen when your story intersects with the stories of those most in need. That’s where change begins.
Story to story. Heart to Heart.

Heart to Heart Experiences fosters partnerships in the communities we serve to further empower the disadvantaged.

Provide food, clothing, shelter, medical support and education.

Invite individuals, organizations, corporations, and churches to be active and generous in building and sustaining a foundation of faith and prayer.

Advocate for quality services which are proactive, community-based, preventive, comprehensive, consistent, and address the current needs of the community, its children, youth, and families.

Provide an array of services and support to encourage personal, family, and community growth.

Connect vulnerable children and families with communities that effectively promote physical, spiritual, economic, and emotional health.

Empower children and families to be self-sufficient, to give back, and to learn to help others in the process.